I usually work on the bench sorting, dissecting flies and staining ovaries, but not all the time I find what I am expecting to see. Sometimes, I observe funny and also weird looking flies that I find, from a drosophilits perspective, priceless and unique!

All photos are taken by me in Dr. Ward lab.


Unexpected phenotype!

article #1.jpg

I found this fly in one of my fly stocks. The fly has a random mutation which resulted in undeveloped wing underneath the cuticle of the thorax and abdomen. It is interesting how a gene or multiple locations in the genome are highly exposed to mutations. Many reasons that may contribute to cause frequent mutations in fly's population. One of the reasons is the presence of transposable elements, a segment in the genome has the ability to jump from one location to another causing deletion, duplication or transposition that results in mutant phenotype. Recombination failure through cell mitosis is another cause and many other interesting reasons that have been investigated which have revealed the coolness of fly genetics.

Ops! Sorry guys!

In order for a drosophilist to sort or dissect the fruit flies, the flies should be anesthetized using CO2 pad. CO2 works as the drugs that are given for patients who undergo surgery. Isn't that cool!